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About company


          Stemp Trust had been established in 1997, it is located in Tashkent and is the leader in making round seals and rubber stamps in the Republic of Uzbekistan. High quality seals of various forms and sizes are to your attention. The seals are made using polymer technology and flash technology. Also, we make rubber stamps with date and numbering.
           You your company or representative office needs seal made with high quality, we are ready to make it in short term, with any logo, in any language of the world.
           For foreign companies and representative offices in the Republic of Uzbekistan, we make rubber seals and stamps in the national language: Uzbek, in English, Russian, Turkish, German, French, Arab, Korean, Chinese, Czech, Polish, Spanish.
Technology and Equipment


          Success of our company is in seal making technology. We manufacture seals on the level of world standards with materials (feedstock) of leading European manufacturers, on the equipment made in USA and Japan.
           Our company is the only one in Uzbekistan complying fully the whole production process. Experienced designers will select colorful design in accordance with the activity of company or representative office.
           The advantage of our Company is in the technology, quickness of fulfillment and high protection degree against forging of seal. The specific feature is individual approach and unicity of each rubber stamp.
Accessories and Toolsets for Stamps


          Placing order to us for making a rubber seal, stamp, facsimile and bookplate, you also can purchase from us automatic fixture Colop or Trodal made in Austria. Also, we have full range of accessories and dater of any forms, sizes and manufacturers.
           When placing order, you company will receive additional toolset for seal. If seal is ready, but you are not satisfied with the quality of manufacture of the company which made your seal, we can help in making new seal and replacement of toolset.
           For important documents, our company offers metallic seal with relief, toolset for making relief seals and set of toothed stickers which provide additional protection.


          Daters are purposed for marking the date. Automatic daters with free field are necessary for marking simultaneously of date and stamp imprint. They are used in air ticket sale offices (validates), banks (details printing) etc. See examples of imprints here.
           Automatic daters in banks serve 25 years and more subject to correct maintenance, timely replaced changeable pad, replacement of year tape and other parts.
           Daters have emerged in the market of Uzbekistan from old warehouses with year term till 2009, ie issued in 1996. Dater year is designed for 12 years, therefore when buying it, check the year of finishing of year tape.
Multicolored Seals and Stamps


           Multicolored paint-filled seals have emerged in the Uzbekistan market recently. The entire world uses flash technology and our company, along with making conventional polymeric seals, also produces colored flash seals.
           Distinctive feature of flash technology is in its material. Multicolored seals are made of micro porous material, with pores filled with stamp ink.
           Making of flash stamp takes two minutes, quality of workmanship is several times better than the technology of making seals of polymer. Foreign companies and representative offices in Uzbekistan prefer only such seals.


          Prices of making rubber and multicolored seals can be inquired in our office.
          Price of stamps with complicated design are negotiated additionally.


          Our office is located at: Office 25, bldg. 89, Nukus Street.
          Working hours: from Monday till Friday, 9:00 to 18:00 Central Asian time


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